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Service Department

When making an investment in something like furniture, it’s always nice to purchase from a store that will have your back down the road. Westrich’s provides an experienced, personal & professional service and repair department that is unmatched anywhere. Let us work with the manufactures so you don’t have to. Not purchased from us? No problem! Give us a call and we will always take time to see how we can help.


Westrich’s has a full time service shop with technicians that can take a look at bringing back to life a piece of furniture that you thought you may have to get rid of. In some cases we can send a technician to your home.

Ask about our Foam Seat Cushion Replacements

One drawback in the furniture world over time is the flattening of seat cushions. Sure in some cases the manufacturer will replace those cushions, but then you will be putting the same type of foam right back in it. Westrich’s is proud to have the ability to customize your comfort with our own foam source that has much better density to last much longer. We have been known to put this foam in a brand new piece before it even reaches the customers home. Contact us if you wish to upgrade your cushions or for more information.