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Online Pricing Policy

This statement serves as a disclaimer to manage customer expectations regarding our website product pricing and availability. Here's a breakdown of the key points:

1. Pricing Accuracy: Due to manufacturer restrictions and the dynamic nature of product selection and pricing, it is challenging to maintain consistent and accurate pricing across all platforms. If there is a difference in price between what is listed on the website and the showroom, the showroom price is considered the correct one.

2. Configuration-Specific Pricing: The prices provided are based on specific product configurations with a starting price point and may not be representing of the shown finish, color, grade, fabric, or leather. Any changes to the product’s finish, color, grade, fabric, or leather can result in a price adjustment.

3. Customer Assistance: Customers are encouraged to contact Westrich Furniture directly for assistance with product pricing and additional information. This personal interaction can help clarify any discrepancies and provide accurate, updated pricing.

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