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All our deliveries with-in approximately a 50 mile radius are absolutely FREE. ($300 min purchase required.) That's right, the unbeatable prices you see on the sale tag includes delivery. As a result though, we only travel certain directions on certain days. Contact us for the day we travel your direction.

As professionals, we do our best to take every care possible when delivering your order into your home. It is sometimes difficult to deliver furniture and appliances due to the size of doorways, hallways, stairwells and proximity of the driveway to the home. On a rare occasion, if an item is a tight fit, we may ask you to approve our attempt to deliver your item, on the understanding that we can not be held responsible for any damage. We trust you will understand and appreciate these conditions. All C.O.D. deliveries must be paid prior to or on delivery or pick up of the product. No exceptions. If this is not possible, ask about Westrich Furniture & Appliances financing options.

Due to our large volume, wide delivery area and unforeseeable delays (traffic, weather, difficult installations, etc.) Westrich Furniture & Appliances can not give delivery times. Our trucks are routed, loaded and leaving the dock on most days by 9:30am and they will stay out until all pieces are delivered. Once the trucks have left the dock, your stop number will be available. We can also give you a 15 minute courtesy call prior to your stop. During inclement weather, Westrich's will determine whether it is safe for our drivers to make deliveries. Customers will be contacted for rescheduling. In the case there is snow or ice, we ask that your driveway be cleared. Westrich's does not move or hook up any electronics. If you are not home or a call ahead cannot be reached and delivery can not be completed, a charge will be added for re-delivery.

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